Kaitaia Intermediate School Covid 19 Information page.



Morena whānau Kaitaia Intermediate whānau and friends. I really hope this message reaches you and your whānau in a safe bubble, especially when there is still uncertainty around the change of alert levels next week.

Most will have been contacted by our teachers to ask how you are, if MOE learning packs have arrived yet, and if you require support to continue your child’s learning from home.

Sadly some of our enrolment details are wrong/ out of date and we can’t reach some whānau. We do want to hear from EVERY student’s whānau please (see how below)

The Prime Minister has asked all caregivers to keep their child/ren at home, learning remotely, if at all possible during COVID-19 Level 3 period.

See the link below to our COVID-19 student attendance survey due 5pm Thursday.

My staff and I meet regularly, via Google Meet and agreed our next steps for this week.
– make contact with EVERY whānau by Thursday.
– Staff survey to be completed (assessing health and safety of staff bubbles and circumstances)
– Then from that information confirm what COVID-19 Level 3 @ Kaitaia Intermediate will look like next week.
We will share this decision with you by Tuesday 28th April (Teacher Only Day)
– No buses will be running

Please refer to Alert Level 3 Flowchart below:
Until then here are ways to contact us:
– PM me on facebook
– Kaitaia Intermediate Facebook page
– Email me: principal@kaitaiaint.school.nz
– Email your child’s teacher
You may be friends with your class/teacher FB and can reach us that way.

Kia haumaru tonu te noho o tō mirumiru
Kia Kaha


Wayne Lunjevich



COVID-19 level 3 and 4 2020