Colonel Nicholas Daniels

His bald shiny head shimmers in the moonlight as he walks through his ghostly village.He feels something tug on his rugged beard.Quickly he pulls out his hatchet ready to strike. And then he stops looking [...]

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Room 3 Elections

“Most adults I know don’t vote,” says 11-year-old Joshua Pahl from Kaitaia Intermediate School.  That’s one reason why Joshua is hoping the Vote Room Three Elections will inspire more children to take an interest in [...]

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the three bush maoris and granny defeat hulk

Written by: Tuhiata   I found  a tiny crevice in the smooth rock to rest my finger’s in and carefully began to pull myself up, hoping it would hold. It hold’s as I hall myself [...]

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Dear Sunset :)

Dear Sunset

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The Escape

  Though our hearts yearned for home at times none of us complained; we all knew there was no way we could go back.   One bad night I was in court for murder. “All [...]

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Story of the week – Term 2. Week 1. Jacob


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Shh… I am a doctor now

The call came at 3 in the morning. The phone rung and rung, waking me from my slumber.“Wha?” Was the first word to come out of my mouth. As I crawled out of bed into [...]

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I See: blood from an dead animal in the bush

I See: Blood from an dead animal in the bush I Hear: people screaming from a mile away I Touch: wet blood with my head I Taste: blood dripping from the roof I Smell: a [...]

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Lightning Shocks and Damaged Crops

Lightning Shocks and Damaged Crops I see: Ruined trees and chaos. People cheeking damaged crops for something to salvage. I hear: People screaming for help to access the injured cattle, SPCA trucks zooming down the [...]

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A fish in a space ship!!!

A white grizzly bear walking to a party, Well his big uncle Harty was playing with Marty. A blue and green kangaroo who wore Katmandu's, which his best friend orange who always strolls in a [...]

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