Winter always bought snow. Clouds would blanket the world, slowly dropping the white powder. Me and my sister hate winter, with no heating or grub anyone would hate it. Our main food source during this horrible season was mushrooms and rabbits. MUSHROOM AND RABBITS! Everyday we have one meal of MUSHROOMS AND RABBITS! Being a vegetarian MUSHROOMS AND RABBITS is not a very good meal choice. Just looking at the soup of MUSHROOMS AND RABBITS made me queasy. Unfortunately I had to eat it or starve. My sister and Pa were gobbling it down. Ma died during child birth, about three years before my Sister was born we had wonderful winters together though. We had a garden tended by Ma which flourished with exotic fruit and vegetables. We had three meals a day and a warm house. But when my little sister came along and Ma died, no one knew that you can’t eat cactus or that barbed wire wasn’t a good tooth pick because Ma looked out for us all. So we named Sis after ma… Rose. But that was the past. Once I finished picking at my soup I went outside. The air was warmer outside than in but this was warmer than usual. Rose came from no where and sat on a small log facing the freezing lake. As the wind whistled through the oak trees that surrounded out house in a mighty forest. I looked sadly down at her thin body. She needed more food. I knew what to do. Climbing a nearby mountain I attempted to get to the top. There was an apple grove up there which always thrived, no matter the season. I looked down at Rose who was so… far down. My fingers froze with fear. I was stuck… again!