On the way to school today I saw Mr Tom in his trolley. Mr Tom is a guy who has a short brown beard and he wear’s a green raggedy t-suit. Plus a pear of bloody red shorts that go up parts his knees.

Well Mr Tom has a trolley. He sleeps in it, eats in it and dose everything that you would do in a house. I said “ Mr Tom where are you?” As I was leaving I heard a “ Ben is that you?” “ Yeah its Ben, Mr Tom!”  “I will come up then Ben!” Then I saw a small peace of brown hair. There he is “ How are you Ben?” “I’m great!”.

“ just want to ask you something” “ How deep is your trolley?” “ Why don’t you find out?” As I climbed in I heard the school bell ring! I stared to panic! As we reached the bottom Mr Tom leafed a rubbish bag and light came out from under neth the bag “ Go on” said Mr Tom. So I jumped down the long hole. As I landed  I gasped…

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