Written by: Tuhiata


I found  a tiny crevice in the smooth rock to rest my finger’s in and carefully began to pull myself up, hoping it would hold. It hold’s as I hall myself up the mountain. I see a heap of rubble heading my way, as I look  to my side I see an over hang, I scuttle towards it as fast as I can and all of a sudden boom crash bang I hear the rubble hit the ground below me. As I reach the top I  see the most incredible thing, the three bush Maoris’. They bow down to me like I am royal. B.M 1– Mina  stands up and says “hello”

I  reply ‘hello’’ as they return back to their house I suddenly felt the island start to shake and around the big bush comes…..


The incredible hulk,  storming around the corner  and off I go to save the bush Maoris from the hulk. I run to smash the hulk and then boom smack bang I knock him out and then the bush  Maoris run out of their house and go  (ohh dats cold) And then go “granny saves the day..”