Though our hearts yearned for home at times none of us complained; we all knew there was no way we could go back.


One bad night I was in court for murder. “All rise” says the Judge. “John you have been witnessed by two people on the scene of the murder” Said the Judge.” You’re going to The State Prison for ten years” furiously the Judge said.

Three months later I’m still in the Prison, I think to myself. All we get to eat is dry bread and I think the person in the next cell has starved to death.


I see a hole in the wall that I can just fit through to get in the cell next to me. As I crawl through the opening, I see more holes to another cell.


The only way to climb up the next gap is move something heavy. As I look around there is a bed that is big enough to get on the other side. I find a sharpened tooth brush on the ground by some ladders to get into the air vent.


As I climb up the wobbly ladders, I feel a cool breeze come into my face making me think why I murdered that woman that took something very special.


As I carry on into the air vent I find a cell with an opening. The opening is filled with a cobweb that leads into the ground. As I go through the open it has a shovel of some sort.


Climbing up the hole is another cell with a guy that has a shovel that is stronger that the one I have. He wants to trade the shovels so I trade him. I saw some dirt in the second cell so ill go back there.

By Addison