The call came at 3 in the morning. The phone rung and rung, waking me from my slumber.“Wha?” Was the first word to come out of my mouth. As I crawled out of bed into the freezing air circulating around me, the phone went to answering machine. The message played. “Nigel we understand you have experience in medical protocol and we need that here at Surgeon Simulator Medical Ward. Nigel we need you to save Bob.” The message ended. The SSMW needed me? Ignoring the chilly temperature I put on my best shirt and walked out the door. Walking back in I put on some pants then walked out of the door again. As I hopped in my SUV my cell phone rang. “That’s where I put it.” I mumbled. Opening up the glove box I removed the phone. “Hello?” “Hi Nigel its Trisha.” Trisha was my girlfriend. “Have you got a job yet?” I have been unemployed for a week now so when I spoke it was full of excitement. “Yes Trish, Its at the SSMW!” Trisha almost screamed. “Oh my god Nigel! You are so lucky! Isn’t that the only reason you took that medical course, to get that very job?” She understood how exited I was obviously. “Gotta go Trish, Bye!” Hanging up I started the SUV. I still can’t believe that a 19 year old like me can get such a job! As I drove through town I passed Trisha’s house. When I passed she ran out screaming and waving. When I reached the hospital a nurse ran straight up to me. “Sorry Sir but this car park is only for employees.” Putting my finger to her lips I said. “Shh, I am a doctor now.” “Oh!” she smiled. “Right this way Nigel”

When I entered the building my jaw dropped. Every clean place imagine combined would never even draw with the hospitals cleanliness. I was directed to my office. They then tried teaching me which scalpels to use on which parts of the body… I think I got it. When I sat down the phone started ringing. I punched the phone of the desk taking pain killers with it. Looking around my office I saw a VCR and a computer. I also saw a tape for the VCR. I looked at my check board. My first operation was a Heart transplant. It was for… Bob. Getting up I walked into the operating room. Bob was lying on a bed. He was unconscious with an oxygen mask. On the tables next to him was a lot of medical equipment. His chest was already cut open for me. “How should remove the ribs?” I asked a nurse. “I dunno, you’re the doctor.” She replied. She had a point. I grabbed a hammer. I could use this I thought. I started swinging it around, smashing ribs as I went.Sweat was dripping off my head. Please don’t die please don’t! The hammer flung from my grasp hitting Bobs face. People shouldn’t bleed through their eyes I thought to myself. Then his heart stopped, I had failed. As I hung my head I heard the words… “do you want to retry?”
“If I could I would” I spoke in the direction of the speaker. My vision started going blurry, colours changed to shades of grey.
“What the?” With a jolt I was standing again over Bob. All the tools were set in place alongside him.
“Thanks for the retry?” I spoke into the air. Time had reverted. This time I focused on the pizza cutter. It was plugged into the wall. Picking up the electric pizza cutter I flicked on the switch. The blades whirred as I bought it down to the ribs. As I cut the ribs I realised by cutting all the corners of the rib cage I could just rip it out. I threw the pizza cutter to the ground. I wouldn’t need it anyway. I put my hand inside Bob and started tickling his lung.
“I’m touching you Bob, on the inside…” His body jerked and his knee hit my nose. “Ok, ok I will stop!” I put my hand over his lung. It was squishy and… BLURG! I leaned forward, making the lung fly to the ground. His insides were now coated yellow with bits of cereal.
“We have something for that” said a nurse walking down the corridor.
“Opps!” She steeped on the lung. Wiping the spew off my chin I said
“It’s ok, Bob only needed one. It’s just greedy having two.” She replied “But you have… “DON’T QUESTION ME!” I screamed at her. She had shock in her eyes. “Well ok Mr Hot Shot.” She stormed out of the room. Bob was losing a lot of blood. I knew what to do; grabbing a green syringe I went to stab Bob. Then the nurse grabbed my hand and injected me with the syringe. “Curse you Matilda!” I felt my face turning red. She walked away with an evil grin. My stomach lurched and luckily I didn’t have anything to spew. Then my sight doubled, No tripled. The room was tinted blue red and green. I stumbled for the antidote. Matilda snatched the antidote when she left! I tried to grab the tweezers to remove the other lung but I grabbed a pencil instead. I scooped out the lung with it and the lung fell to the floor. I tried to grab a scalpel to remove the heart but I grabbed the tomahawk instead! Swinging madly I removed the stomach and heart. Dropping it I went to grab the heart. I placed it in a dust bin and grabbed the green syringe. It was Bob’s last hope. I stabbed it deep into his eye. His bleeding stopped. Removing the syringe I dropped it on the ground. I picked up the new heart and dropped it inside the empty hole known as Bob’s chest. “Good enough!” I screamed as I left. That night at home I got an email. It said ‘Great job Nigel, Bob needs more work tomorrow though so I will give you your pay check then. –SSMW’ Smiling I walked to bed ready for tomorrow…

AUOTHERS NOTE: I had a lot of fun writing this so I will make another if I can get… 50 comments of ‘likes’. Thanks for reading!