Everyone has it, Everyone dreads it and everyone exploits it. Its horrible fear. Fears dark and smokey, its cold and bare. But if we face our fears they turn into nonexistingness! Yes I know its not a real word but neither is fear! Because fear is black and white, its life and … [Read more...]

Why to NOT eat pancakes.


You shouldn't eat pancakes because... There might be a chicken in that egg Or... A tick in the milk Or... Its a Pan flavored cake Or... The pan might be flaking into your meal Or... That wasn't a lemon Or... The sugars salt Or... I'm lying to you … [Read more...]

Room 3 Elections

The Recruits Win
Tom Bamber, Reno Leef & Robert Dijkstra (Prints Harrahs absent)

“Most adults I know don’t vote,” says 11-year-old Joshua Pahl from Kaitaia Intermediate School.  That’s one reason why Joshua is hoping the Vote Room Three Elections will inspire more children to take an interest in voting once they become eligible. “I think it’s a really good … [Read more...]

Shh… I am a doctor now

The call came at 3 in the morning. The phone rung and rung, waking me from my slumber.“Wha?” Was the first word to come out of my mouth. As I crawled out of bed into the freezing air circulating around me, the phone went to answering machine. The message played. “Nigel we … [Read more...]

A fish in a space ship!!!

A white grizzly bear walking to a party, Well his big uncle Harty was playing with Marty. A blue and green kangaroo who wore Katmandu's, which his best friend orange who always strolls in a big canoes. sharks were the teachers in all of the classes, Is it true I … [Read more...]

I Am Poem!!! :)

    Saphire   Quiet, shy, happy and sporty   Sister of Mihaka, Crystal, Carla, Jasmine, Millar, Patrick and Teina   Lover of spiders, snakes, dolphins   Who feels depressed when family are hurt, delight when family are … [Read more...]



I see others running I hear people screaming I touch the edge of the table I taste all the dust I smell fumes from cars I feel weak and tired I think I am going to die  by Cory.     … [Read more...]