My lunch

Russian fudge Popping rocks Deep fried sushi Bubble gum blocks Potato crisps A gummy ring Lemonade soda Some candy bling Peanut brittle MC Donald's chips Cotton candy Sticky lips Kountaki fried chicken Some rice for brunch My mother slept in While I made … [Read more...]

The Trolley Part 1

On the way to school today I saw Mr Tom in his trolley. Mr Tom is a guy who has a short brown beard and he wear’s a green raggedy t-suit. Plus a pear of bloody red shorts that go up parts his knees. Well Mr Tom has a trolley. He sleeps in it, eats in it and dose everything … [Read more...]

If I could rule the world

If I could rule the world education standers would be higher classes wouldn't be defined by age and everyone would hate a liar Racism would be fiercely punished gender wouldn't matter foreign dictators would be fired and starving people made fatter The world would … [Read more...]


Winter always bought snow. Clouds would blanket the world, slowly dropping the white powder. Me and my sister hate winter, with no heating or grub anyone would hate it. Our main food source during this horrible season was mushrooms and rabbits. MUSHROOM AND RABBITS! Everyday we … [Read more...]



Yellow Yellow is the feeling you get when your swimming on a hot day Yellow is life growing around you Yellow is the sound of crickets chirping Yellow is the taste of a lemonade ice block Yellow is the sound of a crisp, freshly mowed lawn Yellow looks like liquid … [Read more...]

my nephew


He no longer has his dark brown curly hair. Now it is short and has been shaved like grown up boy’s. He is 2 years old. Only a short time ago his hazel eyes would look for something to play with. But now those beautiful eyes were watching instantly as he watches kapa … [Read more...]

If I could rule the world

If I could rule the world everyone will be kind to every person they meet negatives won't be find.   Every plastic would be banned every tree would be green and red with lots of fresh air to breath and everyone will have nice dream in … [Read more...]