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About saphire

i am awesome

my lunch poem

A chocolate bar. A vanilla shake. A candy pop. A caramel cake. Creamy donuts. Jelly tip. Some gummy lips. And strawberry chips.  A sugar cane. Bubblegum. Lime milkshake. And a little bit of rum. A [...]

By |21st October 2014|Room 3|2 Comments

A fish in a space ship!!!

A white grizzly bear walking to a party, Well his big uncle Harty was playing with Marty. A blue and green kangaroo who wore Katmandu's, which his best friend orange who always strolls in a [...]

By |19th May 2014|Room 3|0 Comments

I Am Poem!!! :)

    Saphire   Quiet, shy, happy and sporty   Sister of Mihaka, Crystal, Carla, Jasmine, Millar, Patrick and Teina   Lover of spiders, snakes, dolphins   Who feels depressed when family are hurt, delight [...]

By |19th May 2014|Room 3|0 Comments