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broken bones

I see snapped cold blooded bones. I hear the sound of the snap from their bones. I touch the hard jagged bone. I taste the blood when I bite my lip. I smell the blood [...]

By |19th May 2014|Library|0 Comments

green is……

Green is the breeze when you see nature. Green is the wonderful colour of  N.Z Green is the sound of  little small cicada's. Green is the taste of beautiful succulent lime. Green is the smell [...]

By |19th May 2014|Room 3|0 Comments

Fish In A Space Ship

  A cheetah is busy swimming in a pool while furious lions are breaking my tools. Gorillas  and apes are smashing the dairy, if you go inside there eating a cherry.   Peacocks are flying [...]

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my house

I  see a warm environmental house I hear the sound of playful kids I touch a warm heated house I taste the disgustingness of cold concrete I smell the breathe-taking air I feel the raggedness of [...]

By |14th April 2014|Room 3|0 Comments