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Miss Gamble

About Miss Gamble

Room 3 teacher.

Room 3 Elections

“Most adults I know don’t vote,” says 11-year-old Joshua Pahl from Kaitaia Intermediate School.  That’s one reason why Joshua is hoping the Vote Room Three Elections will inspire more children to take an interest in [...]

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Addition Drills 5 Minute

add_5min sheet 1 add_5min sheet 2 add_5min sheet 3 add_5min sheet 4 add_5min sheet 5 add_5min sheet 6 add_5min sheet 7 add_5min sheet 8 add_5min sheet 9 add_5min sheet 10

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Maths Fractions Basic

lesson 3 fractions_visual shapes lesson 3 adding visual fractions lesson 3 subtracting visual fractions

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Multiplication 5 Minute Drill Sheets

Practice Your Multiplication 5 minute drills 100 questions multi_5min sheet 1 multi_5min sheet 2 multi_5min sheet 3 multi_5min sheet 4 multi_5min sheet 5 multi_5min sheet 6 multi_5min sheet 7 multi_5min sheet 8 multi_5min sheet 9 [...]

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