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Joshua P

About Joshua P

I'm a creative kid who loves writing. You can usually find me in the library. I love acting, reading and writing. (as i said before) I am working on a new book right now! When I finish it I hope it will put it in the school library! Isn't that cool? My best friends are Bazil, Kal-El and Jordan.

My lunch

Russian fudge Popping rocks Deep fried sushi Bubble gum blocks Potato crisps A gummy ring Lemonade soda Some candy bling Peanut brittle MC Donald's chips Cotton candy Sticky lips Kountaki fried chicken Some rice for [...]

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If I could rule the world

If I could rule the world education standers would be higher classes wouldn't be defined by age and everyone would hate a liar Racism would be fiercely punished gender wouldn't matter foreign dictators would be [...]

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Winter always bought snow. Clouds would blanket the world, slowly dropping the white powder. Me and my sister hate winter, with no heating or grub anyone would hate it. Our main food source during this [...]

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Yellow Yellow is the feeling you get when your swimming on a hot day Yellow is life growing around you Yellow is the sound of crickets chirping Yellow is the taste of a lemonade ice [...]

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Everyone has it, Everyone dreads it and everyone exploits it. Its horrible fear. Fears dark and smokey, its cold and bare. But if we face our fears they turn into nonexistingness! Yes I know its [...]

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Why to NOT eat pancakes.

You shouldn't eat pancakes because... There might be a chicken in that egg Or... A tick in the milk Or... Its a Pan flavored cake Or... The pan might be flaking into your meal Or... [...]

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Shh… I am a doctor now

The call came at 3 in the morning. The phone rung and rung, waking me from my slumber.“Wha?” Was the first word to come out of my mouth. As I crawled out of bed into [...]

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Lightning Shocks and Damaged Crops

Lightning Shocks and Damaged Crops I see: Ruined trees and chaos. People cheeking damaged crops for something to salvage. I hear: People screaming for help to access the injured cattle, SPCA trucks zooming down the [...]

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Excuses I left my homework All to its self Because there is rat poison On its home shelf It then was nibbled By flying shark Who scared my away By its threatening bark In an [...]

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A Fish in a Spaceship PDF

A fish in a spaceship Josh

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